This is Cinemaloop

Cinemaloop Inc. was started by an unlikely face; a minority~ disabled~woman who loved movies at a very young age, but as she got older had a very hard time connecting with others who liked similar movies. And she soon discovered, there were others all the world who had the very same issue.

Thus Cineamloop Inc was born with a recognition that there is a great need for people to connect.

Naysayers often push the idea that technology separates people further; that social networks are the very antithesis of what they stand for. We at Cinemaloop Inc. believe that technology can be used to bring more people together and prove those naysayers wrong.

There is a famous quote that says: “What we have in common is more important than our differences.” At Cinemaloop we want to build on this concept, use technology to bridge the gap and connect more people around what we all have in common – movies.

Movies have always had a way of connecting people. Since 1903 and the 12-minute film made by Edwin S. Porter, movies have enthralled, awed and inspired audiences. It connected communities and gave working class people and families a much-needed respite from the everyday hustle and grind.

The movie-going experience morphed and grew into a dynamic that is now shared by everyone.

Even with the introduction of TV and much later live streaming platforms, people are still drawn to the movies.  Recent numbers for releases such as Star Wars and Fast & Furious 8 which made $1.7 billion and $1.3 billion respectively, proves that audiences worldwide are still fascinated by the movies.  Unfortunately, these days’ people are experiencing difficulties in finding someone to share the movie-going experience with. 

We have all been in a situation where we desperately want to see a movie but our inner circle does not share our taste in genre – and let’s be honest, who wants to go to the movie alone?  Movie-going is meant to be shared as the emotions, thoughts, and impressions a movie leaves you with is meant to be shared.  A truly great movie-going experience is reminiscent and best shared with companions long after the last movie credit has rolled.

Cinemaloop is the platform created for you, by people like you.  We share your love of movies, we disclose the aloneness of a solo movie experience, and we know how to tackle solutions.  

In the anticipation of the launch of our new website later this year, we invite you to share your enthusiasm for Cinemaloop with everyone so you will never be found without a movie-going buddy!