Meet The CTO

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We have just recently welcomed our new CTO (Chief Technical Officer) on board at Cinemaloop Inc., Dilip Francis.  Dilip has been working in software engineering, development, and management since 2007. He brings a wealth of skills, experience, and passion for his trade to Cinemaloop Inc. , and we are super excited to have him join us.

Dilip has been appointed as the CTO to ensure that Cinemaloop SaaS delivers the best possible product and experience to you.  He is responsible for leading our team of developers and making sure they remain focused on bringing you the best moviegoing platform to date.

A background on Dilip Francis

Dilip holds a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Madres and an MS in Computer Engineering from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

Dilip started his career at ikaSystems as the Lead Software Engineer. He went on to become a consultant who worked across a variety of industries.  His main focus was on healthcare, warehousing, education, and non-profits. Currently, Dilip is focusing on provider-centric healthcare apps and Business-to-Business (B2B) movie apps.  Dilip believes in solving real-world problems by using technology.  His mantra is “It ain’t the best technology if it isn’t the right tool for the job.”

With these ideas and beliefs, Dilip is the perfect fit for Cinemaloop as he already shares our vision and objectives.  His passion is evident in his hands-on approach to the job and focuses on making the end-users life simpler. 

We asked him about his enthusiasm for what he does and his excitement for Cinemaloop.


What attracted you to Cinemaloop Inc.?

Cinemaloop Inc. gives me a chance to do what I love.  Movies and creativity go hand in hand. Its something I am very passionate about, and I know from first-hand encounters with producers, distributors, and creative talents that technology will have a massive potential impact on the movie industry.”

The former CTO stepped down due to personal reason and engineering moral was low.  What made you  step-up to this precarious startup situation? 

Joining Cinemaloop Inc. was the logical next step to following for my passion. Talking to the team here at Cinemaloop Inc,, I found most things were already in place for building the product.  A great deal of ground-work has gone into it, such as market analysis, product vision, and strategy. The final point that made Cinemaloop Inc. the company to work for was the attention to detail in Cinemaloop’s market analysis. The attention to detail validated everything for me because Cinemaloop has all the facts correct and I was truly appreciative of the team who put all this together.

Do you think Cinemaloop SaaS is relevant now that streaming is big?

The movie industry will adopt products that will help them reach the masses and vice versa. Cinemaloop SaaS is just the technology service to help them do that. 

There are several other Executives at Cinemaloop Inc., how do you feel to be among them? Did you feel their values matched with your own?

Cinemaloop Inc. has a great leadership team who is upfront and honest about where we went wrong with the previous product and clear on the road forward. 

It is not often you get to see this level of openness, clarity, and vision for the future. Cinemaloop SaaS is well set up for success, and I believe we have the right team to take the product to the market.”  

Dilip has jumped right in and been hands-on since joining Cinemaloop Inc..

He and his team has made tremendous progress in developing our product.  We have no doubt you will be completely satisfied with the result. All of us at Cinemaloop Inc. are super excited and eagerly await the roll-out of Cinemaloop SaaS to you.  His invaluable experience, skills, and spirit bring amazing value to the developing team at Cinemaloop Inc.

I am sure you share our enthusiasm in welcoming Dilip to Cinemaloop Inc.!