Meet Noleen – Communications and Brand Director

Noleen George joined Cinemaloop in March 2017. She is an experienced freelance writer with many years of experience working for start-ups and small business. She started her career in marketing and public relations and has worked in many different fields including aviation and politics but, is most passionate about her writing. She is Cinemaloop’s Director of Communications and Branding.

Noleen is from Cape Town, South Africa and has enjoyed traveling for both work and pleasure over the years. During her five-year stay in Bangkok and travels around South East Asia,  she established her blog The Girl I met in Bangkok, that explores the interactions and stories of women she connected with through travel.

About Noleen’s background 

When asked about her choice to work for Cinemaloop, she said, “It is the movies!  Who would not want to be a part of that? Cinemaloop is a company that checks all the right boxes for me – a startup, in the movie industry and uses technology to address a problem or issue.”  Noleen is a firm believer that we can use technology to solve global issues, address inequalities and fix many issues facing humanity and the environment. She says, “That is what drew me to Cinemaloop.  Vee recognized a problem and thought of a way to use technology to address that problem.”

What made you join Cinemaloop?

“Movies have long held a magical quality for me.  My earliest movie memory is of my parents taking me to the drive-in to watch the very first Star Wars.  I was in awe, and I fell in love with movies. I recall every time after that, whenever we went to the drive-in I would ask my parents if the Jedis were going to be on.  When they said no, I lost interest – Star Wars was the beginning of a lifelong love of Sci-Fi and fantasy movies.” She said that Cinemaloop has the potential to revive that first love movie moment for many others who stay away because they are not able to find the perfect movie-going buddy or partner.

“I know first hand the frustration of finding someone to see a movie with.  Living in Bangkok, I ended up at the movies alone most time, as my friends did not share my taste in genres.  When I found out about Cinemaloop, I thought – “That is something I could use,” “That is exactly what I need.”  Then I saw the hiring button, and it was an easy click to make.”

Noleen studied literature at the University of the Western Cape in South Africa and has always loved and respected the power of words.  Her love for what she does flows through her work and is a pleasure to work with. You may not see her name, but be assured when you see anything from Cinemaloop, she probably had a hand in making sure it perfectly gets our message across.