How It All Started

Many may not have heard the tale of how I went about – testing my theory on movie dating.

We know that the Cinemaloop SaaS platform is not expressly for dating — it connects all types of moviegoers for different types of companionship; be it for fandoms, friendships, and groupings. However, dating is an integral part of the moviegoing culture. I wanted to make sure the right features were in place for those seeking movie dates.

So I went on a mission — to figure out how Cinemaloop SaaS would work for daters.

I went out on many movie-related dates to help shape the platform for this particular moviegoer, and figure out what the issues were with other platforms, and what the issues were at the Cinema.

I came to the following conclusions:


Don’t be fooled into believing the conversation that argues going to the movie theater is a bad first date choice.

Moviegoing has always been about being social, connected, engaged with others, and a community. It is a meaningful centric activity that creates memorable fun moments.  Moviegoing is still the number one leisure pass-time activity in North America.

Today many in the dating communities would have you believes otherwise, and try to shut down and marginalize the cinematic dating experience.

The most common excuses range from:

  • You can’t talk in a theater.
  • You can’t get to know your date at the cinema.
  • Taking someone is expensive.


At the same time, these naysayers will agree to meet you at their home, on their couch – for “Netflix and Chill” on the first date.

Over 51% of all North American moviegoers are female. Through our extensive research; we have found women are not only interested in having better stories and inclusiveness in the content they enjoy, but they also want a better relationship with studios and venues and are concerned about comfortable, fun, engaging, transparent and safe entertainment environments and options.

As the culture of “Netflix n Chill” and other home streaming services rises into personal entertainment arena, alternatives to safer public visual media entertainment options decline.



  • How can I map my movie date to be safe, fun and an engaging option?
  • Is meeting someone at their home on their couch for Netflix, on a first date a safer option vs. a visit to the local cinema?


So the myth is that no one can have a good date at the cinema. Why is that belief so prevalent? Many believe it because you cannot get to know someone if you can’t talk to them for two hours.

Here is the problem with that line of thinking.

Most people who connect, are already talking, they are already getting to know each other’s interest before they meet up.

What is even better, is that people connect with many shared interests and loves.  Those loves and interests can be anything — it is comics, mountain biking, rock climbing or collecting stamps — and yes, even going to the movies.

So, having a centric interest is important to connect with someone else who is just as excited about something as you are.

Secondly, fandom and genre interests are just as important when connecting with someone else.  Connecting with someone that shares your love for the Hobbit and all things Tolkien is even better.

Having a shared cinematic interest is vital.  It is a great way to start a date and have something to break the ice mutually.

Something to Note:

It’s never a good idea to go to a movie when both people aren’t sure of each other’s movies tastes, interests and each other.

Do not just randomly pick a movie and go with a person because they look attractive and seem to be your type.  

I have tried this 15x times, and the odds are not in your favor.


Negative experience signs to look out for:

  • Are they on their phone without speaking to you before the trailers?
  • Are they on their phone throughout the movie?
  • Are they fidgeting, bored, distracted?
  • Are they frequently taking bathroom trips?
  • Are they in acceptable physical boundaries that you set? ( i.e., holding hands/ touching leg, getting a little too fresh — or not?)
  • Are they engaged in the movie experience with you (i.e., laughing, having a good time, paying attention to the movie and acknowledging you are next to them?)

Meeting someone over a shared interest combined with a shared experience can lead to an awesome and lovely beginning, as well as moments that last a lifetime.



Leave the 20/20’s for the first text messaging chats, and get to the cinema to start building a real bond and connection.  Remember moviegoing is a shared experience!

The shared experience means there is a takeaway about how you feel, how they feel and what it means to be in each others presence while watching the movie.

Sharing our feelings, insights, and reviews with each other is a great way to break the ice and move forward to other adventures.

Now Go Forth & Movie!