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Hi friends, I hope you’ve gotten off to a good start in 2018? I’m back in your inbox with the latest about Cinemaloop and a few things we’d like to share.


I always find that January is a tough month to get through. You see, my father passed away in January of 2013. He was a big movie enthusiast. He was the one that introduced me to movies as a very young child.


I remember being four years old, my father ushering me down the theater aisles; my bigger than body pillow tucked under my small arms … as I followed my twin sister all the way down to the front. It was “The Last Unicorn” the first movie I ever saw.


It made an impression on my soul.

Movies make an impression to last a lifetime — and they are even better when shared with people that love the movies as much as you do.


It has been a rough journey for Cinemaloop Inc. I have been very ill these last few years. Constantly in and out of surgery these past 6 years, but those that remember the spirit of my father and what he instilled in me, has urged me to continue to do what we love.


The company remains completely independent and bootstrapped, meaning we have no outside investors (yet), and don’t owe anything to anyone beyond being dedicated in connecting people over the joy of Cinema — creating a better end-to-end, social, personalized, and fun moviegoing experiences via the Cinemaloop platform.


We thank you for continuing to be supportive, sharing in the moviegoing culture and believing in the mission of Cinemaloop — as we come full circle and launch this year.


All the best and much more –

Founder Cinemaloop Inc.

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