Meet Media Advisor

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We have the absolute pleasure of introducing you to our new Media Advisor, Tom Cosgrove.  Tom has been working in the movie and TV industry for a number of years.  He brings a wealth of skills and experience to Cinemaloop and we are super psyched to have him join us.

Tom’s appointment is all part of a planned transition in leadership so that our executive can focus on their individual strengths to make Cinemaloop a stronger brand.

A background on Tom Cosgrove

Tom’s broadcasting and television career started at FOX where he was the EVP of Programming, Operations and Marketing Strategy.  While working in Programming, Tom managed to continue building and invigorating established entertainment brands, as well as create and grow new businesses.  Through his career, Tom has managed to add esteemed companies and organizations to his portfolio.  These companies include The Walt Disney Company, Discovery Channel, Sony, and IMAX.

More recently Tom’s interest in emerging technologies and commercial opportunities has lead to him serving as Board Member and advisor to numerous startups.  However, without moving far from what he does best – brand building.

His invaluable experience, skills and entrepreneurial spirit bring amazing value to the executive team of Cinemaloop.  When asked what drew him to Cinemaloop, Tom said: “I am a movie fan, and going to a movie can be such an awesome and memorable experience.  Finding like-minded movie lovers to go with you . . .  even better!”   I am sure you can all agree with Tom, sharing the movie-going experience is great indeed.  And, with Tom’s passion and expertise, we all at Cinemaloop are ready to help him give you that experience.  He goes on to say that the Founder’s passion for her vision of Cinemaloop was a big drawing card to him joining the team and he has been hooked ever since. 

Tom holds a Bachelors in Economics and an MBA in Finance and Marketing from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

I am sure you will join the rest of the Cinemaloop team in sending Tom a warm welcome!